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Our Bernese Mountain Dogs

Kimberlites Crystal Ruby , female, Jan. 13, 1996 - Dec. 26, 2008.

`Ruby` is a very sweet and quiet dog. Looks can be somewhat deceiving though, she is the guard dog of the property. Always making sure we hear someone is ringing the door or entering the property.

Having been trained in obedience up to level GG1 while she was younger, she had 3 years time off. At the age of 10, Ruby now retired and enjoys her days just being lazy.

With sadness in our hearts and tears in our eyes, we would like to let you know that our beloved Ruby passed away peacefully on the 26th of December. Almost 13 years we have enjoyed her and she was a 'well known' dog with many people. She was always with us, accompanied us on horse shows, stayed in the hotel and slept on the bed, and it was a real holiday for her too. Ruby decided it was time to go and we have granted her wish. She got old in a dignified way and she passed away accordingly.

From the moment she was born at at Deb Tripps place (Kimberlite Bernese Mountain Dogs) up to the moment she died, she has always been surrounded by people who loved her.

Farewell our dear sweet Ruby, Forever in our hearts.

Paulus and Gisela

Kimberlites Foreign Affair, female, born 2000.

`Reigny` is a loving dog who needs loads of attention and play time. Although she is turning 4 years old, she is still as playfull as a puppy and we don´t think that will ever change.

Reigny is competing in obedience as well and even though she is younger than her half-sister Ruby. In 2004 Reigny passed her GG2 exam with the highest score in the group. In february 2005 she obtained her National GG1 certificate. She placed first with a score of 214 points (out of a Maximum 220 points).

Ruby and Reigny have both been bred by Debbie Tripp of Kimberlite Kennels in Canada . We took Ruby home with us at 8 weeks old and were so impressed that, after our old male Chuckie died, we decided to buy another puppy from Debbie. Ruby´s mom Cori was bred and after taking care of her puppies, Debbie sent Reigny to us.

Debbie, we are grateful that you brought these 2 wonderful dogs into our lives.


In loving memory



Chuckie was our big teddy bear, a very macho male to other dogs and other people but the sweetest soul to our family and other animals.

Always getting into mischief, Chuckie is still remembered often by telling the funny stories about him.

Chuckie, we still miss you and you are always in our hearts.


Our Australian Shepherd

Zydeco's Peppered Chili at Shalako, red-tri girl, born in 2005.

Chili is a little bundle of energy. She is a sweet puppy, very playful, scared of nothing and is very busy exploring the world. She has just started her puppy obedience training. When she grows up, we hope to compete with her in agility, obedience and conformation.

Shelly en Andrea, thanks for your trust in us, so we could buy this beautiful girl.




Our cats

Budweiser and Corona, brother and sister, born in 2009.